Chairman's Desk

Chairman's message

“The best gift we can offer to our next generation is Green and Clean Planet”.

It is my great pleasure to extend my heartfelt greetings to you and receive you to our immediate grand venture. We believe in Progress, and for me personally Progress has never been the outcome of fate, it is the consequence of motivations coming together. Backed by an ensemble of business partners who will also play their part as operating partners, I bring Lemit Papers to India, and to the World.

As a pioneer in the Ceramic Industry, our group has always thrived on evolution and expansion outside of our domain. Thus we have been able to serve the domestic as well as, able to impress the world with our quality and innovation. With more than 10 manufacturing companies of ceramic tile and products, we are no amateurs to business, operations and excellence. This has led to the extension of our expertise in the Paper Industry too, especially the duplex paperboards.

To Excel, Innovate & Deliver the best are our driving principles, the ones which pushes us constantly to seek perfection in our business model, which has been customer centric and of International quality. Our shift to the Paper Industry has not been a cautious one; my confidence in the proficiency of my team and our operations has been instrumental in the establishment of the 2nd Largest Paper Mill in Gujarat, India.

Lemit Papers LLP doesn’t just boast of ambitious facilities and enviable business structure, we are a responsible bunch of minds constantly at work to ensure “Giving back to the nature”. Whilst most of our raw materials are recycled and reused for the majority of our production, we are also committed to replenish any natural resources that we use in our operations, like conserving forests and controlling emission. Our responsible “Green Initiative” thus sets an example for our contemporaries and makes way for the future.

Our duplex paperboards, its multi application and the extensive number of industries we can serve, the possibilities are endless and so is our resolve to explore each and every one. Lemit Papers is envisioned to be the future of Paper Industry, and our collective dedication and sincere application will ensure the brands recognition around the world and eventually rise as a world leader in the Industry segment.

Lemit Paper LLP is a shared dream that has been realized. The bigger picture though is yet to come true. But I have no doubt that with our extensive experience, a top-notch facility, and business principles that are all-encompassing, no feat is too far for us.