Eco Friendly | Go Green

LEMIT PAPERS come up with the Eco friendly concept and working towards goal of converting waste in to wealth. we are manufacturing High Quality Duplex Board Paper Manufacturer for Packaging Industries, for manufacturing we use waste paper as raw materials for manufacturing our paper product and also company have invested huge amounts into latest European Technology and upgraded facilities to minimize the impact of our production discharge. We have established ourselves as a purely recyclers from the beginning by making our products out of waste paper only and avoiding cutting trees or use of wood pulp to produce papers.

Important Benefits Besides Saving Trees

It is less energy and water intensive than paper made from wood pulp.
Around Two-Thirds Of All Paper Products In The US Are Now Recycled.
It saves waste paper from occupying landfill and producing methane as it breaks down.
After repeated processing the fibers become too short for the production of new paper.

Environment Support Sustainable Policy

LEMIT PAPERS follows efficient environment support and sustainable policies in the production phase that makes it easy going towards energy saving methodology by improving energy consumption and reusing techniques to encourage, maintain, and practice a safe, better, and healthy environment. We are committed to shooting up our duplex board paper business and manufacturing environmentally friendly manufactured coated duplex board paper goods and products to encourage keeping all the ecological standards intact and maintained. We are an ace manufacturer for the eco-sustainable duplex board company and have been unwavering support to make the coated duplex board paper production a closed-cycle procedure.