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Lemit Papers

Lemit Papers is a collective dream child of a group of Pioneers, who envisioned expansion beyond a specific Industry. Establishment of the 2nd Largest Paper Mill in Gujarat is a testimonial for our vision and self-belief. Our Grey back & White back Duplex Paperboards aren’t just products; from the efficiency, quality, and sustainability of our mill and forestry operations through the end-product, we are actively enterprising to ensure end-to-end reliance in our business. We have responded to the present and committed for the Future.

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Our company is armed with the advanced and imported coated duplex board paper manufacturing machines and spacious mills that compete well with the international quality and standards of coated duplex board paper finish and finesse.

Green Initiative

Our Sustainable Duplex Board Paper Manufacturing Process

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Our coated duplex board paper mills and the workforce stringently adheres to procedures and mechanisms that reduce the paper waste.



Our duplex board paper manufacturing phase uses the environmental raw materials or required environmental production material until their complete useful life cycle.



Our duplex board mills are focused towards reusing and recycling of environmental raw materials or finished goods.

Pharma Industry

Our duplex paperboards are Certified and premium quality Packaging solutions for Medicines and other Pharma products

FMCG Industry

Our coated duplex board paper is of at par quality that will add on beauty in packaging of all FMCG products.

Packaging Industry

Our products are designed for all kinds of packaging from basics to premium, all according to the needs of our esteemed customers.

Offset Printers

Printing concerns are often raised in offset printing. Lemit Papers can justify all kinds of printing technologies in the market.


Lemit acknowledges the significance of connecting its economic objectives with the world's essential need for a cleaner environment as a responsible corporation. This belief is embodied in a thorough environmental management policy that is followed across all operations in our company. As part of our Green initiative, all of the products are made from 100% recycled waste paper. We constantly upgrade our environmental protection policies from time to time as a responsible business strategy. Our acquisition of latest German technology and upgraded facilities, ensure minimal impact on the environment. Further, our initiative deems in giving back to the nature by way of practicing sustainable manufacturing operations and replenishing trees and forests.

Lemit Papers is an ecologically – compliant paper industry because of its highly transparent structure in each of its operational areas, which includes green production, resource conservation, responsible waste management, and a decreased pollution load as our fundamental aspects.

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